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Digital Cubic Agency lets you enjoy life without worrying about the things you shouldn’t. We will guide you through the cyber jungle.

Focus on what really matters

Having top-class specialists on your side you will be able to focus on developing your business and keep the balance between work and fun.

Web Design

WordPress websites and E-commerce solutions.

Domain & Hosting

Domains and cloud hosting with CDN across the globe.

Digital Marketing

SEO/SEM, ads, marketing, and social media management.

You need a website?

Have a website that loads fast and is secured with free SSL. Start selling online with e-commerce implementation. Have a website with Content Management System that lets you access it anytime you want and publish news.

Start from 250 EUR – web design pricing

You need domain and hosting?

The domain is your address on the Internet. Whether you need .com, .net, or other extensions we are happy to assist with registration. You need a place to keep your data. It’s called hosting. We offer shared or dedicated cloud servers.

Start from 10 EUR – domain & hosting pricing

You need digital marketing?

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start from 100 EUR – digital marketing pricing

Join our happy clients.

Working with Digital Cubic Agency brings us peace of mind and lets us focus on our core job which is treating patients and work with the community.

“Having website that in some cases is higher than Wikipedia in search result.”

Dr Yogi Prasetya, Medical Director, Bali Medika Clinic

“Understanding business specific and implementing tailored solutions.”

Dr Edo Suweta, Medical Director, Puriva Aestetic & Lifestyle Clinic

Having a partner that understands the medical business, especially beauty clinics in a highly competitive market is a key to our cooperation.

As a photographer my expectations are high. The sense of artistry that I want to express in my works must be aligned with audience experience.

“It’s a great pleasure to have job done in a way that I expected to be presented.”

Bojan Bjedow, Photographer, Serbia

“Working with NGO’s and create social communication is often a minefield.”

Robert Piotr Łukasik, Chairman “Positive in The Rainbow”

Social communication in a sensitive area requires patience and learning. It can be a tough task and yet, we really appreciate our work together.

Now you know that you are in the right place

We think out of the box. But what’s most important, first of all, we always think.