About Us

Digital Cubic Agency has been established in 2014. We specialize in WordPress web design including e-commerce solutions, domains, and web hosting as well as digital marketing.

Who we are

We are specialists in the respective fields of our work. We have worked in small companies, corporations, and non-profit organizations. Marketing, IT, and design are our playground.

What we do

We do personal, company, and non-profit websites. We advise on how to properly chose cyber presence across different fields. We consult, design, and run digital marketing activities.

Why it matters

Properly configured and set up cyber presence become a necessity. Website is your DNA, spinal cord. Social media are fast, great for promotion. World of technologies in which you need guidance.

We value our clients and help them grow on the market.


First, we listen to what you need to achieve. We are business professionals. We communicate using language you understand. We advise on solutions on every step you walk through the cyber jungle.


Second, through years of experience, we have created standard packages that suit most of the client’s needs. We optimize them for speed and cost-effectiveness. Whenever you need custom work we are ready.


Digital solutions changing, evolving and we do the same. We always learn new pieces of these puzzles. If we believe that something can be improved or change or updated we always keep our clients in the loop.