Digital Marketing Pricing

Digital marketing prices are always highly customizable. It depends on the scope of work we need to provide and the specific needs of our clients.

Digital Marketing

A rough price guide to our digital marketing activities. Contact us for details and describe your expectation and requirements. We will be happy to assist you with our offer.

We create and publish – 15 posts monthly starts from 250 EUR
You create and we publish – 15 posts monthlystarts from 75 EUR
Customization for another channel (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
10 posts
starts from 100 EUR per channel
Linked In profile management
10 posts
starts from 400 EUR
Post boosting25 EUR
Ads Campaign Creative work (non-video)start from 50 EUR

Business Social Media

Social media are an important part of your brand strategy – whether it is a personal channel or business profile. Increasing sales and audience requires skills and time.

We Work Fast

We do our job fast. Usually, within 7 business days, we are ready to provide the initial design for corrections.