Domain And Hosting Pricing

Domain and hosting pricing has many variables and depends mostly on domain class/extension and server power (RAM, CPU, etc,).

Domain Prices

Domain registration is possible by using your own account (no worries, we can create one for you) or through us. Usually, regular prices of domains starts from 12 EUR per year. However, it depends on the domain extension. You can find sample prices in the table below.

ExtensionYearly price
country, eg,.:, .pl, .id15 EUR
.com, .net, .org12 EUR
.cheap, .finance44 EUR
.tickets450 EUR
.sex, .xxx89 EUR

Hosting Prices

Most of the clients require a fast, functional website that loads on every device without errors. With our standard package

Shared Cloud – max 10 users
1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 2 TB transfer, 30 GB SSD
5 EUR/month
Dedicated Cloud – max 1 user
2 CPU, 2 GB Ram, 3 TB transfer, 60 GB SSD
18 EUR/month
Dedicated Cloud
8 CPU, 32 RAM, 6 TB transfer, 100 GB SSD
24o EUR/month

Other Services

Domains and hosting are highly configurable pieces of Internet technology. We can customize your order based on request and project description.

Be aware that there is a number of limitations on what you can publish and how you can use provided services. That rules are different from country to country and also depend on the provider.

We Work Fast

We do our job fast. Usually within 2 business days after all is set and done your domain is registered and server ready to use.