Terms And Conditions

Web Design

There are few steps in the process of creating your website. They may be slightly different in some cases but as principal, it is usually scenario:

  1. Contact us with detailed information about your project. We will reply shortly to confirm that all is understood properly. We may ask you few questions and/or provide advice on some solutions.
  2. We will send you schedule and quotation that you need to agree with before we begin our work.
  3. You need to supply content for your website that includes:
    • text
    • images
    • links, emails, etc,
  4. We will prepare initial design and allow you first correction.
  5. Once the revisions are completed and approved we will issue 50% deposit invoice. That amount is not refundable.
  6. After payment is cleared to our account we will prepare full design and allow you second correction that includes changes in content. We will give you reasonable amount for it which is usually 7 to 10 working days.
  7. After the review is completed, all corrections are implemented we will issue invoice with balance amount. When its cleared to our account we will publish your website.

That’s it. Now you have your own website.

Digital Marketing

Each project in marketing and advertising is different. It may include

  1. All material you provide or we produce must be in accordance to respective copyright regulations and specific channel of communication terms and conditions.
  2. You will be responsible to approve all published materials – it is best if one person on your side is delegated to coordinate all tasks.
  3. We won’t be able to begin our work without access to your social media channels – you are responsible to provide relevant mechanism and that may includes user names and passwords.
  4. We work on a monthly basis with split payment:
    • 50% deposit not later than first day of the month
    • 50% balance not later than on last day of the month.

Domain & Hosting

We will assist you to register the domain and manage all the settings.

  1. Let us know the domain name and extension you like to have. We will search for it and provide available options in terms of pricing.
  2. We will provide additional options for your convenience like domain privacy, DNSSEC, etc.
  3. Domain registration:
    1. Option A – we create acccount where you will have access to your domain and all its setting.
    2. Option B – we register domain on your behalf through our account.
  4. Once the domain name is approved and options are confirmed we will request full payment for agreed period. Only when payment is cleared in full to our ccount we begin process of registration.
  5. Digital Cubic Agency agree to release and transfer domain on your request to any given provider within 24 hours once the request has been received and confirmed by us.

We will assist you to select hosting that suits your needs.

  1. Let us know what is the size and parmeters of the server and what is the purpose of server you need. We will provide available options with pricing.
  2. If you are not able to define specific parameters just tell us what is the purpose of the machine you need and we will provide detailed offer with some options.
  3. When we conclude our discussion about what best suit your needs we will issue invoice. We will start your server once initial payment is completed.
  4. As additional service we may offer you to setup system and manage your server on monthly basis.

We clearly outlined our terms and conditions so you can make decisions easier to work with Digital Cubic Agency. In a specific situation, T&C may be changed according to your project.